Cite Commercial Building Downtown Miami

Concrete Surface Cleaning

Commercial Pressure Cleaning

Cite Downtown Miami

Cite’ Downtown Miami asked us to Pressure Clean their 4 story parking garage.

We started with the first floor retail parking spaces.  This was extremely dirty with Oil stains, rust stains, some mold and dirt and grime.  We pressure cleaned the area with heat and performed our 5 step Surface cleaning process including:

  • Rinse
  • Pre Treat (Cleaning Agents)
  • Surface Clean
  • Rinse
  • Post Treat

The first floor came out great after the treatment.

We then over the course of the next couple days finished Pressure Washing the remaining 3 floors on schedule with the building staff to ensure the parking spaces were empty.

We finished on the last day in the vallet area on the other side of the first floor.

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