Costco Procedures


Below is the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for working the Costco Stores, this is the ONLY way to do it.

Which Sections are to be done- upon every visit to a Costco store the MAIN ENTRANCE is MANDATORY. If the store requests multiple services in a week the MAIN ENTRANCE is still done even if it was done previously. The reason this area is  done each time is it’s where all the customers enter and exit. It is also where store management enters and exits the store. It is a high visibility area. The same rules apply for the rear receiving area; the rear receiving area is done each service visit. In addition to these 2 mandatory areas we have other sections we generally do on a rotating schedule. For instructions on the sections you are doing on a particular day call Robert Ayala to ask which sections are required (786.812.0136).

I understand and acknowledge that the main entrance is to be cleaned during every service visit.


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I understand and acknowledge that the rear loading dock (trash compactor area) is to be cleaned every service visit.


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Failure to comply with the required procedures listed above will result in immediate termination.