Mr. Medina Residential Pressure Cleaning

Pool deck fresh and clean

Residential Pressure Cleaning

Mr. Medina Pool Deck and Front Sidewalk Cleaning

Mr. Medina called and asked for us to Pressure Wash his Front Pavers, Sidewalk, and Rear Pool Deck.

We started with the pool deck which was very dirty and moldy from years of rain and humidity  We performed our 5 step concrete cleaning process which includes:

Pre-Soak (Cleaning Detergents)
Actual Surface Clean with machine
Post Treat (Leave in Detergents) to bring out the shine

The Pool deck came out great.  We moved on to pressure cleaning the pavers walkway to Mr. Medina’s front door.  Employing the same process we completed the pavers.

Lastly we performed our 5 step concrete cleaning process on the Mr. Medina’s front sidewalk which was extremely dirty and moldy.  After extra surface cleaning and post treating the side walk also came out perfect.

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